Surf Skate Ramp

The dream is to ride a Surf Skate Ramp in your own home and have the luxury to use it on your terms, this dream is now your reality!!!
These Surf Skate ramps can be flat packed or installed at your residence or commercial site.

All Surf Skate Ramps can be custom made for any space from 3.6 metres wide to 20 metres or more!
On our website we have the standard widths available, for custom widths contact us for a quote via the enquiry form on our homepage.

Installation option includes the team of Ashley Wild champions installing your ramp at your location. The Flatpack option will arrive in 1 or 3 pallets to your location and comes ready to build with easy to use step-by-step instructions. All you need is a friend, good music and a drill.

Ashley Wild Surf Skate Ramps are designed by Will Ashley himself and crafted to perfection and designed for the Australian climate.

Ashley Wild products are created using the best quality locally sourced materials. Our F17 Form ply routed for the perfect cut every time. All our standard products come with H3 treated studs, H3 9mm ply, 6mm Australian Harwood to top off the skate surface and Galvanised quality fixings for a durable longer lasting product.

Product information can be found in the categories below for an individual item.

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