Installed - 3 Foot Halfpipe - 4.8m wide

Installed - 3 Foot Halfpipe - 4.8m wide

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3 foot halfpipe - 4.8m wide

Three foot Halfpipe is great for beginners, more space for grinds and learning new tricks. 

Please note: picture is 3 foot halfpipe at 3.6m wide

Add on to your ramp with a Ramp skate surface, see description below- 

All panels are based on heat and pressure activated phenolic resins, which have been specially modified to suite the end application. This purpose designed board performs exceptionally well when installed as a skate ramp surface and is non corrosive to metal fixings.

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Ashley Wild does not flatpack any ramps over 2.4m wide. All ramps over 2.4m wide will require installing by the Ashley Wild team. 


Built - Height 900mm x Length 6530mm x Width 4800mm